6 pertinent questions to ask your potential seo expert

Now that your website is up and running, you are excited about the prospect of reaching the top of google rankings for your niche. You have are thinking of hiring a seo expert to help with your website’s seo needs. However, before you go out and start hiring, there are a couple of questions that you need to ask the seo expert that will help you decide on whether or not to use their services. Some of these questions are discussed below.

If you take time to ask all of these questions, you should be able to find a reputable seo expert who will deliver as expected.

1. Can get a list of your clients; past and current?

While this may seem like overstepping the bounds, you who need seo services should be in a position to be able to assess what the potential seo expert you are considering is. Naturally, a reputable expert should be only too happy to share their portfolio with you. Through their portfolio, you can be able to have an idea of their quality of work.

2. What strategies do you intend to use to improve my rankings?

Again, here, a reputable seo expert will be only too happy to share with their prospective client the different methods they intend to use to help the client’s website rank high on search engines. They should also be able to tell their client honestly how long they think it will take for the website rankings to start to change. Any proposals they send to you should include an initial review of you website. Remember to ask them to explain all the on-page and off-page techniques they intend to use on your website.

3. I will like my website to rank No. one on Google, can you do that?

This is a trick question and the idea here is to easily detect those self proclaimed seo experts that are out there to mislead website owners. If the seo expert you are talking to answers yes to this question, then you should be running hard. It is practically impossible for an seo expert to assure a client that they will make them number one on a search engine. This is a bogus claim and it should tell you that the person you are trying to hire is not worth your time and money.

4. What is your experience with local search engines?

Most small businesses will love to appear at the top of their local search engine results. As such the seo expert you intend to hire should be experience in the different ways in which websites can be optimized for local search engines.

5. How will success be measured?

Before you jump into hiring seo expert, also try to understand how they normally measure the success of their seo campaigns. Ideally they should have a good grasp of Google analytics and they should be able to share those analytics with you in a format that you can easily understand.

6. How will payment be done and what are the terms?

You need to be clear from the start whether the consultant you intend to hire is going to charge a global fee or an hourly fee. Also, try to understand when payments will be done. Most project based payments are done on a monthly basis.

If you take time to ask all of these questions, you should be able to find a reputable seo expert who will deliver as expected. When you do find one, make sure to include in your contracts terms for dissolution of the contract. Makes sure it states clearly that any work done on your website while the contract was valid cannot be tempered with.

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Hence, when you plan to hire an SEO expert you should always ask the above given most prominent as well as most important questions before you hire an SEO expert. This will not only make sure that you hire a professional and experienced SEO services but it will also ensure about high ranking of your website.