FAQs and Facts about SEO for beginners

What is SEO?

In easy words, SEO can be explained as techniques that you should apply do to impress search engines and techniques that you should not do that search engine doesn’t like. If the rule is followed it can give online visibility to your website and generate revenues for your business.


When you host a website, it is certain that you are listed among million other websites. Also you are among the thousands that Google isn’t aware that they exist. After a week you get just one to two visitors which add no contribution. Definitely you are going to get frustrated. But, it is more important to know what other sites are working on to stay on top positions in various search engines and what is you doing that your website got lost in tons of search results. The answer to your question is SEO.

Hence, to gain online recognition on Google and increase sales and website promotion, SEO is the key and is the only solution.SEO is the pack that has all necessary tools and techniques that can boost your website for various search engines like Google to let your business be visible to the potential buyers. The reason for so many sites that rank in the first page of Google no matter what product they sell or services they provide are just because of SEO and just SEO.

Free SEO is actually impossible and things that come with free can hurt you later. SEO is such an amazing tool to earn millions through a website by optimising the site regularly and such quality services cannot be free.

Why you need SEO?


Visibility is very important especially for e-marketing as only if you gain visibility through the traffic driving to your website, there is no chance to increase sales and promote the business. Visibility can be gained only by optimisation of the business website in an effective manner which includes both off and on page optimisation of your business website.


Traffic comes in the first place as the main objective of SEO is to attain quality traffic to get better sells. Hence, SEO is the most important factor for attaining traffic as well visitors towards any website as without buyers or traffic, no business can work.

Going Global

Years back going global were just a dream for even the strongest business organization to achieve as there was huge difference between undeveloped and developed countries. Today, this is not the case as even the smallest firm can cater to the needs of their clients living overseas.

Easy and Cost-effective marketing

Online marketing is cost-effective and easy. When you compare the traditional methods of marketing with web marketing the costs for traditional marketing are very high. This is because manpower is required to promote and the advertisement cost are very high. But, with increasing web surfers, marketing online has become cost-effective as even popular social bookmarking websites offer space for advertisement for very low costs whereas it offers features that are amazing. It helps you promote your business with the help of a few clicks and cut down on the costs required for manpower.

The above benefits are worth only if your website ranks well in search engines like Google and various other popular search engines. With zero PR (page rank) and poor placement, the customers won’t be able to know that your business site exists on the net.

White and Black Hat SEO

White and black hat SEO are two different fields of SEO which are clearly different from each other. Black hat refers to those techniques which are unethical and include link farming, keyword stuffing, spinning articles, which can seriously hinder your website and so your online business. Google makes sure that it delists and bans such sites that perform unethical practices.

On other hand white hat SEO refers to ethical SEO techniques for competing in various search engines following the guidelines of Google.

Free SEO

Free SEO is actually impossible and things that come with free can hurt you later. SEO is such an amazing tool to earn millions through a website by optimising the site regularly and such quality services cannot be free.

People who look for free items, cheap SEO services can cause really serious issues for the reputation of your website so don’t go for cheaper and free items that can affect your online reputation. Also do not use black hat techniques else you will be banned by Google.

Guarantee for first position in Google

There are many sites available that are related to SEO and guarantee you first position in Google. They are not genuine websites as no one can guarantee first place in search engine Google. Google itself will never give you the guarantee of staying in the first place. If there is some who promises this, it is better to quit before you SEO hurts you.

Adopting unethical techniques to obtain first place in search engines is strictly not acceptable in SEO