You want to hire some for SEO services, but whom to trust for quality services. The question is how to avoid – getting ripped off?

We have observed everything with SEO and the fact is scary. There are a plenty of companies that become overnight SEO experts and have no or very little experience related to SEO. There are a lot of inexperienced scammers who are not aware of SEO facts and do not have and any real experience of SEO world. But such scammers get successful in fooling around many businesses that aren’t aware about SEO themselves.

There are some SEO firms who promise their clients that they will help them to reach number one position on Google searches and also say that they have a secret relationship with the search engine Google. This sounds so funny and we know this is next to impossible, but this way these SEO expert rip off their clients.

There are some SEO providers who also claim that they have employed people who are experts in SEO and they are managing SEO campaign for more than 100 clients as they are brilliant in what they do. So there are many such scammers who don’t have knowledge of SEO at all but just playing tricks to fool people.

These scammers also charge high sometimes for clicks for some specific keywords and if you research on Google you will get to know what is the exact price of those clicks using same keywords that you discussed with the scammers. You will come to know to what extent they are quoting high and fooling you. Many businesses fall in prey for such scammers because they don’t have knowledge about SEO and they believe what these scammers tell them. All the clients want is top rankings and they blindly believe SEO providers and waste money paying them for no results.

SEO is a time consuming task and a lot of work is involved in this campaign. It requires a lot of experience, knowledge, hard work, dedication and experience with real world (SEO). This doesn’t mean that we can trust overly priced service providers. You need to do a research about the current prices that most companies charge for SEO, before you get trapped by such scammers.

So how would you find a reliable SEO consultant?

The answer is difficult as professional SEO consultant are always busy catering to the needs of their clients and aware of the fact that a good SEO needs paying attention to the minute details and it takes time.

Well, you can call your SEO provider. The first thing to keep in mind is to call them to meet personally. If the firm is not interested in meeting in person then stop and do not think of hiring them.

If the SEO consultant is not in your area then you can call and ask your questions to know how they respond, because sometimes you can find reliable people that are not in your area. Their conversation and answers can help you judge them. Some SEO consultants do not meet for free. Well, that is good as they are talented and time is valuable for them and most of them do not want to meet clients who just want to ask questions and get free advice and their questions are endless. Once you get to meet in person or have a telephonic conversation, you can ask for their past work wherein you can see for example websites they have done SEO for, for example see here Seo Insight who have good real life work. You can check with them for organic searched that help the websites rank high. If the SEO expert can brief you this, it means you are on the right track.

Other questions to be asked are their charges for entire SEO campaign. What services they can provide for a fixed amount. If they say that they have relationship with Google and they can drive a plenty of traffic to your site… then walk away from them.

Some other things you can verify yourself are

Is the SEO consultant running a real business? For how long they have been doing this business. Is there a phone number on their website? Or they use only email for communication. Make sure do not hire a SEO consultant outside your country as it can lead to lack of communication, lack of laws (legal) – these are the laws that protect you as a citizen of your country. Try to learn from the internet as what needs to be asked and before you sign any deal with any of the SEO firm, you can hire a lawyer and ask him to review the contract papers so that if anything that is not understood, you can check with your lawyer. You can ask your lawyer for the questions you have before you sign the contract.